Software for Fatigue Analysis

MultiFat is a user-friendly, powerful and robust fatigue-life calculator to solve any type of stress-history in the multiaxial domain for isotropic metallic materials, without risk of physical incongruences or anomalous results.
Its algorithm is robustly designed to capture all multiaxial effects. MultiFat does not need any questionable and complicate criteria to evaluate a multiaxiality rate. For uniaxial analyses, as subcase of multiaxial, MultiFat behaves like a standard fatigue-life calculator.

MultiFat offers total flexibility since it can be potentially used with all types of S-N curve and mean stress correction formulations. The tool is based on a MS-Windows executable file and Input/Output text files.
The MultiFat Team will be happy to satisfy requests to adapt MultiFat to specific needs of Professional Users. Please do not hesitate to contact us through our Contact page.

MultiFat is submitted to constant evolution and improvement, to reach the greatest possible ease of use and the simplest applicability in everyday industrial problems.
The MultiFat Team is more than happy to receive any kind of comment, suggestion or criticism: this will allow us to improve our work!

The commitment of the MultiFat Team is to keep the tool available at a very low cost.

You can download MultiFat at this link, choosing the version that best suits your needs

Or contact us to get a free trial version of MultiFat.

In addition to software development, MultiFat offers consulting services in the following areas:

  • Training sessions for engineers in the field of fatigue
  • Fatigue life evaluations based on FEM or general stress analysis
  • Preparation, development and post-processing of fatigue test activities
  • Vibrations fatigue analysis
  • Low-cycle and high-cycle fatigue
  • Writing of fatigue technical reports
  • Aerospace F&DT certification reports for both fixed wing and helicopters
  • Evaluation of fatigue loads and spectra
  • Determination of safety factors in fatigue
  • Aircraft retirement lives, fatigue-meters, in-service assessments
  • Probabilistic fatigue, scattering, reliability, stress-strength method
  • Damage tolerance, crack propagation, fracture mechanics
  • Evaluation of inspection intervals
  • Design against fatigue
  • Fretting, contact and surface fatigue
  • Fatigue of junctions: bolts, weldments, rivets
  • FEM and hand calculation stress analysis

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All information about the tool MultiFat is at the MULTIFAT page

We are pleased to receive any kind of comment or feedback. To this, please use the Contact form.

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